​​​It's my first time, how do I book a class?

The awesome booking system allows you to book into your classes from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or home computer! We do not take cash in our studio for classes.

Do you have parking?

Yes! We have a large free car park to the side of our studio and there is ample free parking in the public car park just a 2min walk away, and the surrounding streets.

What clothing should I wear to Class?

Anything that you are comfortable in!  We recommend t-shirt & shorts / leggings / capri pants of your choice. 

For those that ride regularly we suggest padded shorts, technical sweat wicking cycling jersey / t-shirt

What shoes should I wear when I ride?

Trainers or MTB / mountain bike style shoes with SPD cleats. If you wear road style shoes with SPD cleats please put them on at your bike and take them off when you have finished so you do not slip on or scratch the wooden floor.

Do I need to bring my own bike?

NO! We provide 15 of the latest Spinner® NXT bikes.

Do I need a heart rate monitor?

Optional. However, to maximise the benefits of the specially designed energy zone classes, wearing a heart rate monitor will help you control your intensity and monitor your recovery better for maximum results.

​I am unsure if I can ride the full class as I haven't worked out in a while!

No problem, every rider is in control of their own resistance and cadence (leg speed) and you are free to ride easier, harder, slower or faster than what the instructor sets you. You can sit up and take a posture break, stretch out as you need and join back in whenever you feel comfortable! The instructor will guide you, motivate you and work one to one with you in class as needed. There is no pressure to 'perform' and everyone will make you feel welcome!

​How is RIDEZONE Carytown different from other indoor cycling studios?

​We have some of the most experienced instructors in the world owned and operated by both Mark Tickner, an International Spinning® and SPINPower® Master Instructor and Vivian Karanikola, a certified Star 3 Spinning® Instructor. We are also the only official "The Sufferfest" embassy that specialising in presenting amazing visual rides on a large screen. You will be racing in races such as The Tour de France and The World Cycling Championships! 

Together Mark and Vivian run The Endurance Club, a multi sport online coaching company that specialises in coaching triathletes, cyclists, runners and provides world class personal training services for all levels and they both also do personal training and small group training classes inside and outside of the studio!

​Do you have a locker room or showers?

We have a safe storage area for your belongings but do not provide changing rooms, although we do have a bathroom with a shower, so please come ready to ride. Please no bags and belongings on your bike.

​Am I allowed a phone in class?

Our rule is simple... no phones allowed in class. Please respect everyone in class by not texting or taking calls whilst in the class and leave your phone in your bag. Obviously if you are a doctor or nurse or in a service on call just let us know beforehand.

Is there an age and height limit?

Yes. In order to ride in our classes you must be at least 15 years old and be between 4'10" - 6'7". This is to ensure the health and safety of the rider.

Is there a minimum number for each class?

Yes. 2 for each Spinning® class and 3 for each The Sufferfest class. This is mainly for health and safety reasons.

General guidelines